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The first sip of the Muga Reserva 2008 elevated our already high spirits anticipating another tapas-like-you’re-in-Barcelona meal. “Sooner or later,” He said “we’ll order something we don’t like.”  Perched on the high stool banquette watching a swirl of tantalizing plates dance around us, Me said, “I’m not so sure.”

ImageThe one thing we haven’t done at Boqueria’s Flatiron location is sit at the counter right inside the door, which would give us immediate access to their Tortilla Espanola kept at the bar.  There are as many versions of this tapas classic as the number of people who make it. Hot, cold, room temperature, egg-centric, potato-centric, onion-laden, filled with one or more ingredients not included in the “basic” recipe, sophisticated, rudimentary, but never inedible.  Boqueria’s version is room temperature and superb.

I’ve never met a croquettas I didn’t love,” Me purred, “these are incredible!”  The Croquettas Cremas at Boqueira are velvety, delicious and always seem to arrive at the table at the perfect moment. The Txipirones are a particular favorite of ours – always perfectly cooked, seasoned and undeniably fresh.

Looking too hard for something to criticize, He said, “This wine list is a problem. Too many great choices. I want everything.”  “Well, yes,” Me sighed, “Life is hard.”

Boqueira is an edible travel brochure for Barcelona. It will make you want to book a trip if you’ve never been and you should absolutely go to this energetic, beautiful city!  But as for eating “the real thing” – you will find it here at Boqueira.