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“Don’t you think everyone knows about Luxury Link already?” He asked.  “Well, I don’t know,” Me replied “but if they don’t they really should.”  Traveling is expensive. Staying at a great hotel is expensive. Staying at a great hotel at a greatly reduced rate makes traveling more possible and more enjoyable. What’s better than getting what you want and saving money?  “It isn’t saving money if you wouldn’t have spent it in the first place” He winked.  I’m not sure I agree.

Luxury Link has given us the opportunity to stay at amazing hotels in Madrid, Rome, London (three times), Cabo San Lucas, Scotland, Barcelona, Taormina, Provence and Mallorca. The value has been amazing and we’ve never had a disappointing experience. We’ve bought some hotel stays on “Auctions” at tremendous savings and others on “Buy Now” offers at discounted rates, but its always been easy to do.

We aren’t associated with Luxury Link in any way except as satisfied customers, but its good to share a good thing with good people.  Get packing!