Harrod's Sunglasses“But do you think they’re very special?” Me asked “because in the world of sunglasses I think they are amazing!”  “I think you’re special,” He replied, “but do you really need another pair of sunglasses?” Hmm, he was just being silly. Does anyone need another spoon of caviar or more truffles? We were standing in Harrod’s with too many pairs of sunglasses put out on the counter for my perusal but I did fancy these.  We would be in London for the week. I could come back. Given the grey rainy day and the three pairs of sunglasses I had packed for this December trip, perhaps I was being silly.

The next morning, He in the shower and Me curling the hair and painting the face, a news item on the telly caught my attention. Apparently, the dramatic rise in tourist shoplifting was being met with stringent arrest policies, no exceptions made.  “Did you hear that?” Me asked.  “Tourists are stealing and being arrested!”  “Can’t hear you!”,  He replied.  He always says that when he’s in the shower.  “Terrible!” Me said, “who would do that?”  “Can’t hear you!” He replied.

Hair done, primping complete, I rooted through my handbag for I-don’t-know-what and found a beautiful sunglass case very clearly not mine. Inside, the “special” sunglasses from Harrod’s. “Oh my God!” Me cried.  “What’s up,” He said, all pink, damp and adorably toweled.  “I must have stolen them!” Me wailed, crying very real tears.  “I could have been arrested! And I’ve never stolen anything in my life!  How could that have happened?”  “When I went out for that walk yesterday I went back and bought them,” He said “As a surprise.”  It was a bright sunny morning in London and I was no longer wanted by the police.  “You’re very special,” Me said.