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Standing on our terrace at the Oberoi Amarvilas, the Taj Mahal was veiled in morning mist, dreamlike, just beyond our touch.

MONKEYS ON WALL 2 “The monkeys down there are on the wall seem to be having a good time,” Me said.  “Amateurs,” He said “they couldn’t possibly be happier than we are.”

Amarvilas is a unique property a short tuk tuk ride away from the Taj Mahal. From many terraces the Taj feels but a few steps away across the lawn. At any hour, but particularly at sunrise, sunset and in moonlight, the view of the world’s greatest symbol of love lives up to it’s reputation.


This amazing hotel has gone to great lengths to create the illusion of being within the Taj’s magical walls. A mere child (some eight years old) in the majestic hotel history India enjoys, Amarvilas has aimed (and achieved) it’s place at the table among her venerable counterparts.



The outdoor pool, always heated, creates the mist rising from the lawns in early morning as peacocks wake and begin their casual parade. Flowers bloom, fountains spray, and life is decidedly better than one would hope for this morning.  Or any morning.


No doubt the sheer beauty and luxury, professionalism, excellence and attention created memories we will often want to share with others.

“What was the single best thing, Me asked, always asking the impossible questions. “Maybe it would be his smile?”He replied.  “It was,” I agreed, “It will be that smile we will always remember.


  • Rooms farthest from the elevator, as ours was are quietest
  • The location for visiting The Taj can’t be beat
  • Good place to try Indian breakfast for the first time
  • Enjoy the pool – it’s that special