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He said, “I know he seeks out exotic locations, but where is this place?” We were on our way to lunch at Richard Branson’s elegant Moroccan retreat, Kasbah Tamdot. Driving for about an hour from Marrakech, we had been twisting our way up into the mountains into seemingly nowhere.  Boujemah, our expert guide and driver from Sun Trails said, “It’s not much farther.”   The road became yet steeper and more narrow but, as we came around yet another bend, there it was.  “Not much to look at,” He said as we parked outside the gates.  “Just wait,” Me replied as we headed for the entrance.

Kasbah TamadotMagical Kasbah Tamadot can rightfully boast some of the most elegant delicious cuisine in Morocco.   “You know I don’t like olives,” He said. “but this dish is beyond description.  Here, taste!” Chicken Tagine: Saffron Perfumed Free Range Chicken, Green Olives and Preserved Lemon. So do you like olives now?” Me asked.  “Maybe not,” He replied, “but I love these olives. While He focused his entire attention on the plate in front of him, Boujemah and I enjoyed our meals and were still able to take in the magnificent views of Toubkai National Park and the  lavish gardens and setting of Kasbah Tamadot.

Kasbah Tamadot 2“Next time”, He said waving a happy fork in the air,  “when we come back to Morocco we will spend an entire month here, wandering through the mountains, or  laying by pool, and I will have this dish every day.”  “Of course!” Me smiled, thinking that to be highly unlikely, but yet a very worthy dream.