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P1000760“Tell me again why we haven’t been here before,” He said, as the final course of a proposterously brilliant lunch was nearing our table. Having eaten at most, if not all, of the highly touted fine dining establishments on our many visits to Edinburgh, there was no reasonable explanation. One of the less expected joys of this fairly “secret” city is the number and quality of restaurants on offer. You can eat very, very well in Edinburgh and Restaurant Mark Greenaway has moved to the top of our list.

Having had two completely different tasting menus with wine pairings on separate occasions in a single week (true we have no shame), we are now avid Mark Greenaway fans! Smart, modern, inventive cuisine that is equally respectful to ingredients and diners. While we’ve spent far more for tasting menus with wine pairings, we found these to be more successfully conceived, consistently executed, and better supported by the wines irrespective of country or cuisine. In fact, in every case, the wines not only complemented, but perhaps elevated many of the courses. Head Sommelier, Timothy Elliott gracefully cloaks his expertise with gracious affability as he directs attention to choices designed to delight rather than impress. (They do both.)

It’s rare to read a menu and want to order every selection for all of the courses, which explains  (not excuses) how we ended up having two completely different tasting menus just a few days apart. The room is lovely, service professional and knowledgeable.  “There’s just one problem with this restaurant,” He said.  “Two thumbs up just aren’t enough.”  Me said “Well, with mine, that makes four.” But he was right.  A dozen seemed more like it.  We have become happy, hopeful fans and look forward to experiencing the direction Mr. Greenaway’s cuisine takes over time. Favorite dish? Too hard to choose! But please do.