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“Quiche this good could never be cliché!” He purred.  “I should have bought more,” Me said sadly.  A splendid morning made buttery-yum-special with individual quiches purchased at Maison Kayser in Midtown Manhattan. Warmed in our own oven with a smug nod to last year’s resolution to use at least one kitchen appliance per calendar year, freshly brewed coffee, flaky pastry, and an irresistible aroma were the perfect start to this Christmas Day.

Maison Kayser is quite literally a slice, if you will, of Paris bordering Bryant Park.  What to choose – that is the question.  Their vast array of croissant,  baguettes, pain au chocolat, pastries, tarts, eclairs, as well as full size and individual cakes are masterfully prepared and presented daily.

With tables and chairs at the back and quick,  charming counter service at the front, MK has become the favorite of Bryant Park area residents, commuters and tourists alike.  Certainly a favorite of ours! Bon appetit!

Maison Kayser    8 West 40th Street   New York City    212-364-2300