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The Balmoral

“I want to go back to Edinburgh. “ He said. “Do you mean Edinburgh or The Balmoral?” Me said.  “Really sort of the same thing isn’t it?” He said. Well, yes, but not exactly – because the delights, sights and charm of Edinburgh are not limited to its leading lady of hotels. But the finest qualities of Edinburgh are certainly up front and center at The Balmoral.

Queen B’s enviable location at the divide between Edinburgh’s “Old and New Towns, overlooks Princes Street Garden and embraces the best of the old and new in hotel terms.  Old World tradition and standards are respectfully upheld but expressed with the energy, efficiency and expediency the modern traveler values so highly. There is nothing stuffy or fussy about the manner or pace of the service and comfort provided.

Repeat stays evoke the illusion of being a distant, but welcome relative to royalty. Queen B embraces her guests with an endearing wink and a discrete whisper that it would be quite alright to be on more familiar terms and perhaps call her “Edie B” in this grand but relaxed setting.

We love this hotel with its wonderful food, attentive well trained staff, splendid location and excellent spa services. There is an air of simplicity, good humor, and blend of practicality and grace that make Edinburgh and The Balmoral irresistible.  If you haven’t been, please go!  And if you do, please give Queen B our best.