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He never really wanted to go. Venice was on his someday list. But Me was curious and believing whoever has the most passion wins, we flew off for an eight night stay. People said and continue to ask, “eight nights?  What in the world did you do all that time? For many, Venice is a two, three, okay maybe four night stop. But we were really tired, really burned out and needed a vacation, the kind of R&R you go to the beach or sanitarium for.

Nothing prepares you for the boat trip from the airport into the Grand Canal. Forget the movies and what you may have seen in magazines. If you are going to only do one extravagant thing in Venice, hire a private motor launch to speed you into the city.  It’s a vista, experience, and memory that will stay with you for a lifetime. As the city comes into view across the lagoon, you feel transported to another world and life previously not imagined.  It is beautiful, timeless, inexpressibly romantic and something you will never forget. Ah, Venice!